The commitment of Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre is to provide healthcare facilities to the marginalized section of the society. This has been the dream of our ex-Chairman, Late Shri Vinod Kumar Neotia. The main objective of our CSR policy is to provide quality health care to the people from the underprivileged sections by conducting free medical camps, as well as meet the social objective of providing medical care to the children of the poorer section of the society.

The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi’s view of the ownership of capital was one of trusteeship, motivated by the belief that essentially society was providing capitalists with an opportunity to manage resources that should be really seen as a form of trusteeship on behalf of the society in general. Today we are perhaps coming round full circle in emphasising this concept through an articulation of the principle of social responsibility of business and industry

Social Responsibility for us is no obligation. The myriad social healthcare initiatives we undertake, emanate from our passion and not from any legal upwelling. A hospital operates under a holistic milieu which embraces socio-cultural, educational and technological and economic dimensions. These realms must be brought to fruition when dealing with patients enmeshed in the societal responsibility matrix. Training requisites, quality adherence audit and encouragement for employees to render first-rate professional services are our immediate musts for fortifying our rapport between the corporate and social undertakings of Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre.

While the interests of shareholders and the actions of any business enterprise have to be governed by the laws of economics, in reality the operations of the enterprise need to be driven by a much larger set of objectives that are today being distinguished under the term 'Corporate Social Responsibility'.

Social Healthcare vision and goals

Our vision is to substantially contribute to quality universal healthcare to a more benevolent and equitable society. We have always deemed that in a bourgeoning country like India, unadulterated healthcare needs to be percolated to the grassroots level; consequently, we have conceived our societal ventures, so as to extensively envelope these fragments of our populace. We deliver both preventive and curative services for all ages.

At Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre, we have devised our CSR initiatives keeping in mind Community Healthcare Programmes for all especially for women and children by organizing health awareness programs, free health check-ups, vaccination drives and offering free OPD services in terms of doctor consultations, medicines & test facilities as well as providing medical care including taking up free surgery cases for underprivileged children. These myriad social healthcare activities that we undertake aims to help to improve the life of the people.

CSR Committee for hospitalisation

Policies at Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre guides us to undertake complementary surgeries for children. Underprivileged children from poor background preferably between the age group of 6 months to 14 years, whose illness conforms to the Hospitalisation requirement are evaluated & recommended by the authorised CSR Committee, based on the pre-approved eligibility Criteria and thereafter makes all the necessary arrangements from consultation to hospitalisation to the discharge of the patient absolutely free of cost.

Till date, we have primarily catered to children within the age group of 3 months to 14 years with problems as diverse as healing Vascular Malformation, Syndactyly Correction, Removal of Nasal Polyp, Branchial Cartilaginous Growth, Branchial Cartilaginous Growth, Tonsillitis, Appendix, Cleft palate, Hernia, Hypospadias or Phimosis and many more..


We operate a free service clinic at Raichak village in the Diamond Harbour subdivision of the South 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal. BNWCCC RAWDON STREET runs this clinic every week providing general medicine consultation services for local community in need. We have appointed certified doctors on stipulated days when the respective services could be availed. This clinic dispenses basic medicines to all patients as advised by the doctors. Present estimates unveil that we are examining an average of 400 patients every month.

Despite a plethora of socially valuable accomplishments, we still consider ourselves to be at the base of the mountain; scaling the loftiest summit would require us to toil even further. The healthcare segment is closest to transforming the nation’s landscape; our consolidated and whole-hearted efforts will indeed make the world a better place in the near future.

Social Welfare Initiatives:

14thMay, 2024: Community Health Program for the people of Dhapa at Khanaberia in collaboration with Seva Kendra Calcutta.

10thMay, 2024: Community Health Program for the people living in Haturia II Gram Panchayat at Bhuarah Village, Bagnan, Howrah in association with Mukti.

8thMay, 2024: Free General Health Checkup Camp for the women in varied circumstances living near Chetla area in association with Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee.

6thMay, 2024: Community Health Program for the people living in and around the Shola Bigha Slum of Maheshtala Municipality in association with Seva Kendra Calcutta.

20thApril, 2024: General Health Check-up camp, collaboration with Associated Initiative for Mankind (AIM) Foundation for the residents of Bosepukur at Sarala Punyashram.

17thApril, 2024: General Health Check-up Program in association with NGO Seva Kendra Calcutta for the people of Dhapa at Boinchtala.

12thApril, 2024: Community Health Program near Ghoradol Bazar, Mathurapur. The free health camp was organised on the 12th of April in association with NGO Mukti

8thApril, 2024: Community Health Program for the people of Khanaberia, Dhapa. As a part of this, a General Free Health Camp was conducted for 103 beneficiaries

5thApril, 2024: General Health Checkup Camp at New Tiger Sangha Club, Dhapa

2ndApril, 2024: General Health Checkup Camp at Chakkhanpukur SPFP Primary School, Hasnabad

7th March, 2024 - Community Health Program at Kalipur Udayan Friend’s Club, Dankuni

2nd March, 2024 - Free Community Health Check-up at Sarala Punyashyam, Bosepukur

13th February, 2024 - Free General Health Check-up Camp at Bena Village

16th February, 2024 - General Health Check-up Camp at Khanaberia, Dhapa

20th February, 2024 - Community Health Check-up at Chandihat Village, Bhangor

22nd February, 2024 - Community Health Program at Shanti Yuba Sangha near Topsia

28th February, 2024 - General Health Check-up Camp at Sahararhat

4th January, 2024 - Community Health Program at Chandpur, Rajarhat

9th January, 2024 - Vaccination Drive at Shishu Bhavan – Missionaries of Charity

11th January, 2024 - General Health Check Up near Sovabazar

15th January, 2024 - Free General Health Check-up Camp at Kaikala Village, Haripal, Hooghly

18th January, 2024 - Community Health Program near Brace Bridge Station at Khalbari

20th January, 2024 - Community Health Program at Sarala Punyashram, Bosepukur

2nd December, 2023 - Community Health Program at Sarala Punyashram, Bosepukur

6th December, 2023 - Community Health Program at Tangra

8th December, 20323 - Free General Health Check-up Camp at Motijheel

11th December, 2023 - Health Program at Kalighat

13th December, 2023 - General Health Checkup Camp at Murgaberia Village

16th December, 2023 - Community Health Program at Brace Bridge Station at Khalbari

19th December, 2023 - Free General Health Check-up Camp at Khanpukur

27th December, 2023 - Community Health Program at Jorabagan