In this fast-paced life, we definitely need to be vigilant and have to stay healthy always. We should also know how to combat stress and get the best out of our life. Thus, preventive health check-ups actually enable people to detect any type of illness or risk factors. Our Preventive Health Programmes are simple to understand and also minimizes risk factors. So we bring to you the comprehensive, streamlined preventive health check-up packages for every member of your family.

'Woman' - a word that conjures up a lot of images in our minds and brings out varied emotions. A woman is normally seen as the epitome of love, sacrifice, care and ability to nurture life.

But she is not limited only to that. Today’s Woman is modern, not only in her attire but in her thoughts. She is financially independent. She is a Go-Getter. She can set out to achieve what she dreams. She is brave enough to stand up against injustice, against inequality. This awareness is ushering in new and refreshing changes in our social paradigm & she is this change agent.

Health issues can be detected if diagnosed earlier and so it is important for every woman to opt for women's health checkup packages Kolkata available at Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre, New Town to predict the chances of risk factors.



Staying together and rejoicing each day of your life is a ‘family thing’. Then why the health checkups are only meant for the elders of your family? Each member of your family is equally important and so is their health conditions. So, choose comprehensive health checkup Kolkata to stay healthy, it is important to keep a steady check on the body’s functioning through routine health checkups.



Executive health checkup Kolkata- a health checkup package designed only for you. It’s never too early or late to begin taking care of your health, but still, we end up not opting for health checkup due to several reasons, till either we fall ill or our consultant asks us to opt for one. There are many diseases that do not have any symptoms until it becomes too late. Getting a health checkup will enable you to know the condition of your health and prevent diseases at an early stage.



At Bhagiarthi Neotia Woman and Child Care Centre, New Town we understand that your and your family members’ health is very precious in life and so we offer comprehensive preventive healthcheckup packages for everyone. The preventive health checkup Kolkata help to measure a person’s health, spread awareness about the potential risks and also help to secure your health from deadly diseases.


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  • For availing of any Preventive Health Check Packages, kindly make prior appointments.
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