Quality Policy

Ensuring the Best Quality Services

Quality Policy

The robust liaison we foster with our patients is a direct upshot of the pristine standards of quality evinced through our service. We at Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre, devote our superlative expertise and skill, state-of-the-art healthcare technologies, coupled with the ideal humane touch entailed in dealing with our esteemed patients.

We endeavour to deliver the finest services, bearing in mind our four canons of valuable service quality, carved for the purpose of accomplishing our aspirations :

  • Assure the best consequence
  • Foster seamless resources
  • Spark Innovation and Value-based creativity
  • Perpetual delight with personalized care

Our dream is to establish ourselves as a peerless woman and child care hospital across India, succeeded by sustaining this acclaimed reputation through strategically planned in-house enhancement platforms and a perennial system-implementation package. These intrinsic development programmes are actualized through the following assets we boast of :

  • Employment of highly qualified and proficient medical and support personnel
  • Escalating learning curve engendered by continuous training and edification assemblies
  • Incessant research enabling the implementation of cutting-edge technology, and
  • Sincere and whole-hearted commitment to rendering niche healthcare services of superlative quality and ethical standards that satisfies or exceeds the needs and expectations of our patients

To ensure an effective and holistic execution of our hospital policies and directives, we undertake planned internal audits as part of our Quality Management System (QMS). This enables us to render our services without any mode of ambiguity.

Our quality testaments are shouldered on a continual perfection mechanism in the avenues observed below :

  • Presence of effervescent and expert cadre of physicians, employees and executives who, in the process of effectually fulfilling their duties and responsibilities, demonstrate exceptional degrees of elegance, care and diligence towards all patients and other associates.
  • Earnest commitment towards management and development of healthcare needs, to address diverse cases in patient care and treatment, while warranting paragon quality standards.
  • Operations aptly conducted in a contemporary and comfy facility, with most modern innovative medical technology and advanced support services, to aid patients.
  • Enlightenment of our society in the adoption of disincentive mechanisms in terms of medical issues and their care, correction or cure.

We pledge to set and practice towering standards of healthcare delivery through our innovative quality management system, such that we can assure our guests that our services not only meet, but also exceed their expectations synergistically.