The Bhagirathi Neotia Woman And Child Care Centre, since its inception has grown to become one of Eastern India's leading Healthcare Centres, not only in terms of patronage, but also in terms of the goodwill that the people of Kolkata have bestowed on us.

The Centre reflects the essence of what we have always believed in, which is, the well-being of women and children.

The journey has been eventful. Each day has taken us a step forward towards perfection. However, the fulcrum of any successful service organization are its people. Today, I can proudly proclaim, that the goodwill the Neotia Care Centre has earned, is largely due to the caring professionals who man our Centre. Our strong internal growth has been further augmented by their passion to deliver quality service, their unquestioning loyalty, their dedication, proficiency and wonderful proactive approach.

A top American business leader referring to the recent boom in the health tourism sector said, “India is now poised to heal the world.” I feel so very proud on behalf of all Indians. I sincerely believe that for us, the most rewarding part of the job is being able to extend a caring hand to the sick.

As the Managing Director, I take the opportunity of thanking all our patients for having trusted us with their most prized possession – namely their health and the health of their loved ones. I thank each staff member. Our doctors, nurses, paramedics and all those involved in running the Centre represent enthusiasm, tenderness the healing touch and above all teamwork.

Over the years, our journey has gained significant momentum. I can only thank my brilliant team for having achieved it.

I am indeed deeply indebted to them.

Since quality healthcare also needs to be percolated to the grassroots level, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, the Centre has taken the initiative to offer free camps/clinics for preventive health check-ups for women and children in the districts.

Further plans of expansion of our facilities are on the anvil. Keeping pace with the latest technologies has also been our hallmark, especially, when it has the potential of improving and touching innumerable lives.

With the advent of the festive season I wish you all health and harmony.

With warmest regards,

P L Mehta