Successfully Treated a Rare Congenital Anomaly

Lympho Vascular Malformations are uncommon congenital anomalies and it is found around 1 in 7000 live births. In the neck they are called cystic hygromas and they present with neck swellings. The latest guidelines of treatment suggest Injection Sclerotherapy (injecting a sclerosing agent directly into the cysts and hence cause inflammatory fibrosis).

Master Shreyank Chandra was admitted at BNWCCC, New Town under the supervision of Dr. Subhankar Chakravorty (Paediatric Surgeon) with the same malformation but with the additional problem of Intracystic Bleeding on Inflammation. The child required multidisciplinary approach of treatment and post injection observation for 48-72 hrs when the inflammation shall be at its peak and bleeding into the cysts shall lead to sudden increase in size and intracystic tension and resulting in airway compromise. Exactly the same happened and the child was kept in extensive monitoring & support of the Paediatric Surgeon, Paediatric Intensivist, Paediatric Anesthetist and trained Paediatric Nurses. After 4 days, the child was stabilised and later discharged. We are extremely glad to see that our little friend has fully recovered after 3 months of initial Sclerotherapy, there is no deformity and also no residual cyst as confirmed radiologically. Here we are glad to hear his parents kind words shared accounting his recovery. Watch the video to hear what Shreyank’s parents said about his son’s successful therapy & speedy recovery. We wish Shreyank & his parents a very happy & healthy life ahead.