A Positive Journey with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia pose a mighty challenge to neonatologists & neonatal surgeons alike. The degree of lung development and its bearing on circulatory function of heart is probably the most important determinant of survival or positive result.

Also, appropriate neonatal intensive care setup and very core cardio-pulmonary monitoring of the newborn is needed for optimal outcomes. Baby of Farha Bibi presented with similar problem on day 1 of life and was admitted under Dr. Bikramjit Das ( Neonatologist & Neonatal ICU Head at Neotia Bhagirathi Woman & Child Care Centre, New Town ) & Dr. Subhankar Chakravorty (Neonatal & Paediatric Surgeon). The consultants chose a preferable surgical window for an extensive diaphragmatic repair and abdominalization of intestines & solid organs as it requires most precise surgical skills and medical judgement. We are extremely glad to see that our little friend finally got discharged after the successful surgery. For proper management and holistic development of the child, long term follow-up with regards to lung development is required. Here we are glad to hear his parents – Mrs. Farha Bibi & Mr. Anjar Mallick share their son's story of the successful recovery against all odds. We wish them a very happy & healthy life ahead.


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