A 4 year old child gets treated successfully against a Rare Metabolic Disorder

Master Praneel Basak, a 4 year 8 months old boy visited Dr Arundhati Banerjee (Consultant, Paediatric Neurologist) at the OPD department of Neotia Bhagirathi Woman and Child Care Centre, New Town with a symptom of Generalised dystonia (abnormal or twisted posture of the entire body). Praneel was having this symptom from 18 months of age after a febrile episode.

On examination, he was found to be bed-bound but was able to follow his caregiver's instructions and speak in an unclear manner. Before 18 months of age, he was developing normally. Seeing the patient, Dr Arundhati Banerjee suspected a rare disorder of Dopamine-Metabolism known as Dopa Responsive Dystonia ( DRD) in the child. This is one of the rare but treatable conditions which requires lifelong supplementation of the deficient hormone dopamine. Praneel was started on the drug and responded well with improvement in speech and posture to the extent that he can now walk independently. We are glad to hear how Praneel has recovered gradually and we thank them for the valuable feedback. We always look forward to hearing such inspiring turnaround stories of healing and care. We thank the parents Mr. & Mrs Basak to come forward and share their child’s inspiring and successful recovery experience. We wish Praneel and his family a very healthy and happy life ahead.


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